Just a few things to get clarity on.

It’s as clear as it gets. But we’ve written a few questions down that runs in everyone’s mind. If we’ve not answered anything that you’re thinking about. Feel free to reach out to us.

Yes, it’s completely free for Influencers. There’s no sign up fee, nor a campaign success fee. What brands offer you is what you get in your payout.

For Brands posting a campaign and selecting influencers is absolutely free. You need to pay task based influencer fee before you want an activity to start.

Influnite charges a total of 5% on the campaign fee from brands. When compared this is a very tiny sum that you pay as opposed to hidden fees.

Yes, as of now, getting influencers to work on a barter campaign is totally free. We don’t charge you a dime to use our platform.

Yes, if a brand wants to work only with a select few influencers that they already have in mind, they can run a private campaign and it’ll not show publically.

Offcourse we love both. We’re the neutral entity that both can trust. Which means we’ll ensure the brand pays and the influencers do their job.