Yogasini: Radhika Bose ft. on the Cover of Influmagnite July 2020

From Radhika Bose to Yogasini

 Now that we know Yogasini; we all are wondering ‘What is Radhika Bose like’?

Unbelievably but yet true! She was known to be shy, timid and underconfident.

At one point in her life she was even broke, without a job, unhappy. No judgements there! These situations bring the best out of one’s character and moulds the personality we finally become into.

According to her profession and degree, she is supposed to be a video editor but hated the job and called it quits before it was too late. Thus, embarking upon her ‘Yogasini’ journey

For those who have been following her lately would not know this – That before her handled being christened @yogasini it was better known as @theconstanttraveller

While she continues to remain a travel enthusiast, her yoga streaks makes her the most coveted fitness and travel influencer! It her way of life and her inflammable passion!

Her love for Fitness

She considers herself as no fitness guru. Her journey started way back in 2016 where working out was nothing more than fun coupled with some relaxation and a lot of involvement in challenging myself. These attempts at challenging herself constantly has enabled her to emerge, evolve, and escalate to greater heights.

Her love for Travel

She is a travel enthusiast. She boasts about travelling to places minimalistically!

Her travel mantra is travel free, travel light, travel to explore cultures, people and cuisines.

She thanks her parents for teaching her to be a good traveller. Her rule of thumb is to always know your exit plan, have a backup plan, travel light, eat all kinds of food, meet all kinds of people, have all kinds of experiences & never complain about the little things.

She prefers to walk around a new place instead of taking a car. Her favourite part is to buy local trinkets from every novice destination.  

Travel for an experience of the local community lifestyle is what she lives by be it to any destination city. Travelling is her way of life. With the lockdown, travel plans have gone awry but her spirit is undeterred.

Every following week, she gets an urge to disappear to a new place, unexplored yet full of life. Her love for remote villages across countries, undiscovered islands and climbing Mt. Everest continues as a pursuit!

Her love for Simplicity:

Something as simple as this makes her Yogasini! Waffles are her favourite and not just reserved for a cheat day! You want to win over her; waffles is the answer.

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