The Untold Story of Iron Buzz Tattoos!

Eric, the owner of Iron Buzz Tattoos set up in Bandra, has had his share of hardships at a very early age. He dared to quit college mid-way to explore opportunities for himself and sailed different career ships until he finally discovered his calling for being a Tattoo artist.

Growing from zilch clients to scaling Iron Buzz Tattoos where clients galore!

The admirable part of Eric is the charisma he radiates in whatever he does, which goes a long way in building the true personality of an entrepreneur.

Eric, owner of Iron Buzz Tattoos in Bandra West

What did Eric, as an entrepreneur do to build the rock-solid foundation for Iron Buzz Tattoos?

  1. 1. QUITTING WAS NEVER AN OPTION: Eric never felt the need to quit since he started working at an extremely young age. There wasn’t plenty of scope in a middle-class family. He realized quite early on that it’s better to gain some hands-on experience. He began doing odd jobs. He painted t-shirts, joined a call center, and even went on to work as a tour manager.


  1. 2. BEING BROKE WAS A LESSON IN ITSELF: While he began discovering tattoo studios that would teach him, he got a job in a studio. Back then, he didn’t have needles or even the right machinery. Finding people to tattoo was also rare. So anybody who walked in had to be given a good tattoo! He worked there for a while before he quit. But before he knew it – He was broke.


  1. 3. HARDSHIP CAN EITHER MAKE OR BREAK YOU: Eric handled two of his teacher-turned-business partner Sameer Patange’s studios in Pune, and they did well. They changed a large number of things in the industry. ‘Some days were demanding because Sameer would expect us to do better,’ says Eric with a smile. Now he sees that was required because otherwise, it could be quite difficult for somebody to understand life facts. He is very thankful for him for sharing that knowledge with him. It truly shaped who he is today.

Here is what got Eric and Iron Buzz Tattoos the success!


Eric started his studio with Diana, his Partner. They didn’t have any clients in Bombay, which was a major concern. There were already studios and talented artists working with a large clientele base. They risked opening a small studio in Versova, Mumbai.

From Versova, they moved to Yari Road. They went from a 150 sq.ft to a 180 sq. ft. office space. Yari road was where Iron Buzz gained fame in the market.

I hope we remain the people we have always been & time and money doesn’t change that – Eric


Many people wanted to come and get a tattoo, and that’s when they realized that working alone won’t be enough. At some point, they had to hire more artists in order to keep up with the demand.

That’s when they met and hired Aadesh. Aadesh is one of the first hires at Iron Buzz. He still works with them. ‘But Diana, she is a one-man army. She can make anything work. There is nobody better than her to me’, says Eric.


Whatever Iron Buzz is today – it is because of the principles and the ethics that Diana has laid down since day one. Keeping that in mind, Eric always believed Iron Buzz was destined to be a huge studio.

Today, Iron Buzz is 100% owned by Diana and me! We don’t have any investors, nor do we intend to — simply because we are hard-working people.


Eric is delighted and grateful that he has Diana beside him to remind him that nothing is more significant than a relationship, and maintaining those relationships is very important. It’s crucial to have a work culture like that, and this is why many people from the outside do see Iron Buzz as one of the premium studios and the way we work; but internally they are the simplest of people.

“We get up, come to work, spend a lot of time here together, and we go back home. We stick together, we help each other out, and that’s one of the reasons why Iron Buzz is what it is,” says Eric.


As artists, we lack discipline. I’ve been following the success mindset to get into a routine i.e. waking up early, reading a lot of business and self-motivation books, educating myself, practicing yoga, meditation, having meals on time, exercising and scheduling your agenda, making sure the day is productive and sleep being super vital. I love this routine and will continue to follow this for the rest of my life.



They have moved from a 550 sq. ft to almost a 3000 sq. ft studio, increasing the number of artists, the number of people working in the back office, and a ten-seater tattoo training academy.

The struggles were the golden times in our lives because that’s what pieced everything together.

Don’t you now know what the buzz at Iron Buzz Tattoos is all about!

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