Influencer Marketing & COVID-19 pandemic

Has Influencer Marketing taken a toll due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

The economics of business is always affected due to volatility be it a political crisis or a health pandemic. It is evident that with the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot is going to be impacted in both business and trade across nations and continents.

The crisis is only going to deepen the hole further. However even amidst this, there is a silver lining. The hope is the change in consumer behavior trends. Consumers are making significant changes to the way they interact with content, social media, and advertising across channels.

Social media consumption is on the rise like never before due to the pandemic impact. Being confined to one’s own homes, yet being connected to the world is the reality of the current scenario.

Brands always want to garner maximum eyeballs for their activity related to influencer marketing. Here is their opportunity!

A lot of brands are optimizing on this opportunity to collaborate with influencers for executing campaigns for better visibility. Brands are realizing that their need to connect with a captive audience is of prime importance.

Brands both big and mid-sized are hustling towards this opportunity. Brands are keen to work with influencers, partner with them to tell great stories about the brand offerings or services while being confined to their own homes.

In the past few weeks, brands have been reaching out to Influnite, registering and working with influencers independently through our portal

What is your COVID -19 story as an influencer/brand?

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