Influble Analytics tracks influencer marketing campaign performance

Yes you heard it right! You can track campaign performance when you get engaged with Influble Analytics

You may be a start-up brand or an agency managing influencer marketing campaigns for your clients.
With this platform you can now launch your influencer marketing campaigns to track performance with some simple steps!

Influble Analytics is a tech-based tool adopted by some top brands to track the performance of their influencer marketing campaigns.

In addition to this, Influble Analytics tracks the Return on Investment (ROI) on the investment made into the influencer marketing campaign.
Influble is launched as an enterprise product with ease in adoption. Getting started is as easy as ‘Scheduling a Demo‘  with us by clicking the link.
Our team of experts will better understand your scope to help you maximize with this technology-driven tool.


Influble Analytics evolved after understanding the complexities faced by top agency Brand Managers and Campaign Managers. We understand how cumbersome coordination with every influencer for every campaign gets.
Chaos in co-ordination drove us to create a one place solution for tracking performance, backed with technology.


With this tool, there is no need for you to request every influencer to send across screenshots of the performance of the day.

We generate a report on the performance with the Rate of Investment (ROI) in influencer marketing on a campaign basis.

US & INDIA – Launch

Our platform can be adopted globally. However, with our current clientele mainly in the US; our marketing efforts are currently penetrating the US and the Indian markets.
Influble Analytics in collaboration with Influmagnite Magazine, one of the top-ranking* influencer e-magazines as per Google’s search results.
For more information log on to our website: 

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