How to be Successful on Instagram

Before starting this out, let’s get a couple of myths out of the way. You don’t have to be Instagram famous to be successful on Instagram. A huge follower count does not guarantee success. It might feel a little overwhelming and scary to think about ensuring you run a successful Instagram page while you’re just starting off.

Don’t worry, you’ll find the same organisational, and planning skills you use for almost everything in life, can be applied here as well.

Find below and effective and easy to follow guide to ‘Instagram Success’:

Find Your Niche:

Instagram has over 800 Million monthly users. To make sure you and your page stand out, you have to pick a niche audience. By finding your niche, it won’t matter if you have 5,000 or 50,000 followers. You have built a strong Instagram following with an audience who trusts your recommendations, and gets you high engagement. Thats EXACTLY what the brands are looking for.

Quality Matters:

A blurry, dim lit, pixelated image will do nothing for you or your page or your audience. But if you’re posting a high quality, aesthetically pleasing image that inspires, educates or resonates with people, then we’re talking!

Commit To Posting Consistently:

The Instagram algorithm keeps changing. We all know that. But, Instagram does   reward accounts that post more frequently as compared to the ones that post only once in a while.

Engagement, Engagement & More Engagement:

Successful Instagram pages don’t just post a photo and log out. Instead, they post a question in their caption and spend a considerable amount of time responding to other accounts and creating strong engagement for their page. Posting polls/ questions/ multiple choice, etc helps in increasing engagement too.

We hope this answers at least a couple of questions you might have on starting your own Instagram page. Reach out to me on [email protected] or @theuncliched on Instagram should you have any more questions!

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