Cheers to Coffee

Instagram took by storm with the Dalgona coffee. For those who never had an inkling or heard about Dalgona coffee, definitely got familiar with the lockdown trend on Instagram.

If a mom never whipped coffee for their kids, even they gave it a try. This was the perfect example of Influencer marketing creating a ripple across kitchens.

In an interesting conversation with @misskoffeetales, she emphasises on the concept of coffee being overrated.

She has travelled across continents and has experimented with every unique flavour of coffee. While she reminisces the coffee from Italy at her most favourite restaurant Spritz Veneziano.



During her last Europe travel in December 2019, before the pandemic started to spread, she used to travel every month. Coffee being her favourite beverage she knows when the coffee served is not her best.

Beverage is an important lifestyle trend. Starting with black coffee (without milk) being a common fitness-lifestyle trend.

She says, Coffee over a conversation, makes it memorable when coffee is at its best.

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