Can influencer marketing be run smoothly?

Influencer marketing is effective when done right

If this article has piqued your interest, you are either an influencer who is well established with growing followers or a potential one, looking to make a mark.
You could also be owning a brand that might be currently successful or a startup brand looking to phase out and penetrate the market. Either way, has a solution to your needs.

We usually get startup brands registering on our website asking us – How effective is influencer marketing?

When we dive into the effectiveness of influencer marketing, the results may vary. The reasons are many. It could be the campaign being timed wrongly or the budget allocation wasn’t enough to include a few more renowned and relevant influencers. Influencer marketing campaigns if not executed with the right influencer could hurt badly. Additionally, it could also be that a single campaign was executed instead of a series of them.

Brands are often skeptical about working with the right influencer. They raise questions like – Can influencers be trusted?

On our portal, the payment is released to the influencer only after the campaign is successfully executed. In the meantime, the amount is kept safe with us.

If a brand is confident of their campaign execution strategy, they can list their campaigns on

Additionally, at present on our website, multiple campaigns can be listed by a brand for free.

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