A black and white selfie of women trending on Instagram

A black and white selfie fest?

Black and white selfies of women are trending on Instagram. Here’s what you should be knowing!


Instagram has recently taken up by storm with a black and white selfie of oneself as a movement in supporting fellow women.

The chain only gets longer as one woman nominates a bunch of their fellow women showing solidarity towards this cause.

Wondering how it all began?

As elucidated by a Turkish woman herself (@zeycan_rochelle) – The challenge started off first in Turkey as millions were grieving the death of several women. These women have been victims of femicide. The COVID-19 quarantines have led Turkish women into their bloodiest year on record.

Amidst this gruesome situation, the Turkish government looks to back out of the Istanbul Convention. The main purpose of it is to protect the rising high number of domestic abuse cases against women. Some women have gone through a horrific ordeal.  People are angry and their anger is justified. Their expression of anger is through this challenge which has caught a global momentum.

Share with Purpose

While inflicting violence against any human is against the basic human rules, violence against women anywhere is a tragedy! We urge to share this message with a sense of purpose, support and empowerment.

While this challenge is spreading rapidly, let’s not forget the story driving it!

Let’s stay Empowered!

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Source: Instagram/Zeycan Rochelle

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